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Apple to charge $149 for in-store iPhone 5 glass repair — report
Getting that cracked iPhone 5 display fixed might be a tad bit easier than it previously was.Apple has decided to start repairing iPhone 5 displays in-store for those who have signed up for its $99 AppleCare+ package, Macrumors reported Monday, citing people who claim to have knowledge of its plans. The site also pointed to a forum in which one member says he has a friend who works at the Apple store and who said the company is now charging $149 to fix cracked iPhone 5 screens.Another poster said the replacement takes only about 10 minutes.Although Apple’s price might seem rather steep, especially to those who have already paid for AppleCare+, it falls in line with similar screen-fixing solutions on the Web. Quick iFix, for example, previously charged $174.99 for a display fix, but is now charging customers $139.99.Apple previously would not fix damaged iPhone displays in-store, forcing many people to pay for a replacement. If Apple has indeed changed its policy, that’s good news for those who have slippery fingers and drop the device often.CNET has contacted Apple for comment on the report. We will update this story when we have more information.Apple to defend itself against $2 billion patent infringement suit
Apple is facing yet another lawsuit accusing it of patent infringement.In a suit filed in Germany, patent owner IPCom GmbH claims that Apple is illegally using a patented technology that gives priority to emergency phone calls on overcrowded cellular networks, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. As such, IPCom wants Apple to pay 1.57 billion euros ($2.12 billion) in damages. The suit against Apple goes to court on February 11, according to Foss Patents. Munich-based IPCom has been busy the past few years filing lawsuits against the likes of Nokia and HTC, winning some cases and losing others.A patent assertion firm, IPCom bought the patent in question from German car parts maker Robert Bosch GmbH in 2007, the Journal said. Patent holders often sell certain patents to these firms to avoid being embroiled in potential lawsuits. In return, the patent assertion firms collect any financial damages and share the proceeds with the patent holder.But more companies are fighting back against patent assertion firms, sometimes known as patent trolls. Google recently signed patent cross-licensing agreements with Samsung and Cisco, a move that prevents any patent included in the agreement from being sold to patent assertion firms.